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Zenda Farms Historic Preserve

Zenda Farms Preserve is an agricultural heritage site managed by the Thousand Islands Land Trust. Over 400 acres of working hay and grazing fields and a number of steel barns, silos and outbuildings date back to the 1930's. In the 30's, Merle Youngs built the Jamesway Barns that housed the first automatic milk bottler in the region. Other unique features of the barn made this farmstead the model by which all others were judged. For nearly three decades the farm produced the highest quality of milk and beef cattle.

Today the fields are still hayed by a local farmer late in the summer. This allows migrating songbirds to nest and rear their young during the spring and summer in the protective cover of the tall hay. 

The Lois-Jean & John MacFarlane Trail is a 1 1/2 mile walk through the fields of Zenda Farms Preserve. The trail has information signs which describe the historical significance of the area and the farm as well as what the Thousand Islands Land Trust is doing to preserve this historical agricultural site. This trail is open daily from dawn to dusk and visitors are welcome to enjoy this and the many other Land Trust systems in the region. 

Additional Info

Name: Zenda Farms Historic Preserve



Address: 38973 Zenda Rd. Clayton, NY 13624


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