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Bechaz Riverdale Cheese

Historically, cheese making has held an important role in the success of dairy farms in NNY. The name Riverdale comes from Riverdale Dairy, a dairy farm operated in St. Lawrence Corners for many generations in the late 1800's into the 1900's by the Phillips/Johnson families. A cheese factory was once an important part of teh community in St. Lawrence Corners. Other cheese factories could be found throughout NNY to support various family farms. As family farms decreased, the cheese factories also declined. By implementing this cheese room, we continue the history of the fourth generation Bechaz Dairy and reestablish the history of Riverdale Dairy to promote the value of strength of family farms in NNY.

We are a 4th generation dairy farm that produces fresh, homemade, artisan cheese curd from our 70 holstein milking herd. Our only ingredients are fresh whole milk pumped right from the herd into the cheese vat, natural cultures and a little bit of salt. We offer a garlic/chive and an Ay Chihuahua Chipotle flavor! We are proud to offer our cheese fresh  from the 1000 Islands in Clayton, NY, where you can see our herd grazing in the pastures overlooking the St. Lawrence River.

Additional Info

Name: Bechaz Riverdale Cheese

Phone: 315-686-5979


Address: 37851 Deferno Road Clayton, NY 13624


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