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Better Farm

Better Farm is a sustainability education center and artists' retreat facility founded on the principles of the Better Theory - a belief that every experience brings with it an opportunity for exponential personal growth. Through educational workshops, internships, artist residencies, gallery showings and events, and an ongoing commitment to sustainable living and community outreach, they strive to apply the Better Theory to all the endeavors while offering the curious an opportunity to expand, grow and flourish.

The gardens at Better Farms are 100% organic and run by individuals interested in learning about sustainability, permaculture and alternative gardening methods. We experiment with many different gardening tactics and learn as we go along. The vegetables, fruits, greens and herbs grown here are used in their everyday lives. All extra fruits and vegetables that can't be utilized are sold at a roadside stand along with dried herbs, homemade canned goods and soaps, homemade breads and other merchandise, such as Better Farm T-shirts and BetterArts mugs.

In addition to the organic gardens, Better Farm is home to BetterArts, a burgeoning non-profit organization that seeks to expand access to the arts in the North Country. A visit to ArtBarn is a must. This 1,400 square foot, solar-powered studio and gallery space is open year-round for workshops, music and art lessons and gallery exhibits. 

Additional Info

Name: Better Farm

Phone: 315-482-2536


Address: 31060 Cottage Hill Road Redwood, NY 13679


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