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Country Cousins Farm

Country Cousin Farm is a 1st generation family dairy farm. They have about 55 milk cows and 40 heads of young stock. They offer visitors the opportunity to have a hands on dairy farm experience. Visitors can pet the animals and if they are here at chore time they can help with feeding the calves and milking the cows, as well as other chores that need to be done.

A cabin is also available for visitors if they are interested in an overnight stay on the farm. There are plenty of things going on around the farm. Calves are born, cows are milked, the barn is cleaned, field work to be done and much more! If you choose not to spend any time in the barn, you will still have the experience of breathing the country air and feeling peaceful, comfortable and at home on our farm.

Additional Info

Name: Country Cousins Farm

Phone: 315-629-2401


Address: 29415 Fults Road Evans Mills, NY 13637


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