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Home Again Farm

Home Again Farm raises alpacas, a member of the camelid family. These animals are mild-mannered, inquisitive individuals that are a delight to be around. Alpacas are offered for sale to other alpaca enthusiasts and harvest their much desired fleece for spinners and knitters. Alpacas are prized for their luxurious and costly fiber which is harvested by shearing once a year. This herd animal, native to the Andes Mountains of South American, have adapted well here in the United States. The farm maintains a herd size of approximately twenty animals of various ages and colors. the gestation period is eleven months and the baby is called a cria (Kree-ya).

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful creature, Home Again would love to talk to you and give you a tour of the facility. Call 315-628-5302 to arrange a special tour. The farm store has raw fiber from our own alpacas as well as yarn spun from individually identified alpacas raised on site. Sweaters, gloves, socks, hats and other items are also available at the farm store. Mention that you are enjoying the 1000 Islands Ag Tour and receive a 10% discount on all purchases during your first visit to the farm store. 

As a sideline activity, the farm has a small vineyard and participates with the Northern New York Grape Growers Association. We invite you to like us on Facebook. 

Additional Info

Name: Home Again Farm

Phone: 315-628-5302


Address: 37098 Schell Road Theresa, NY 13691


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