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Seaway Cold Hardy Grapes

Seaway Cold Hardy Grapevines and Vineyard is a small, family run operation that specializes in cold hardy grape fines originally developed by the private breeding efforts of Elmer Swenson and the grape breeding program at the University of Minnesota. These varieties will grow well in northern tier states and are thriving here in Jefferson County, New York. Seaway Cold Hardy Grapevines is northern New York's first grapevine nursery and specializes in twenty different varieties and the grapes are sold to local wineries that have been very successful in producing award-winning wines.

The vines produce red wine grapes, white wine grapes, and table, juice and jelly varieties. The vines are hardy to temperatures of 35 degrees below zero. Did you know that cuttings from one mature grapevine can produce up to 200 additional young vines?

We welcome you to make an appointment to visit our nursery by calling 315-767-5202. Our hours are 9 to 4 daily from late June until late August. Why not put a little piece of the Thousand Islands Seaway Wine Trail in your back yard by planting a souvenir grapevine today? Grapevines are available for sale. A one dollar discount on a purchase of 5 or more grapevines; ten dollars off any purchase of 50 or more vines. 

In addition to selling vines, they also sell grapes, tomatoes, pumpkins, fig trees and other fresh vegetables in season.

Additional Info

Name: Seaway Cold Hardy Grapes and Vineyard

Phone: 315-767-5202


Address: 29250 Route 11 Evans Mills, NY 13637


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