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Two Chicks Farm Alpacas

Two Chicks Farm Alpacas is a small, women owned farm, specializing in alpacas. The farm is home to Huacaya alpacas. Living along side the alpacas are beautiful peacocks, a flock of chickens for fresh eggs and a gaggle of friendly Sabastapol geese.

Alpaca fleece is similar to cashmere in quality, is hypoallergenic and although warm like wool, it is much softer. While visiting you can purchase yarn and alpaca products, such as hats and socks and oh-so-soft toys. Two Chicks Alpacas is available by appointment. Please feel free to call 315-232-3573 to schedule your visit. 

Additional Info

Name: Two Chicks Farm Alpacas

Phone: 315-232-3573


Address: 13720 Heath Road Rodman, NY 13682


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