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Little m Farms

Little m Farms is a small vegetable farm, specializing in both local and oriental vegetables. They have red currants and elderberries, both may be used for jams, pies, and wines. No growing raspberries in a high tunnel .. stop in and check it out! Little m Farms is a member of the Miracles by the Acre CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Shareholders in the CSA pay an upfront fee to farmers who will use the money to plant crops. When the harvest begins, different fruits and vegetables will be available each week for the shareholders to pick up. A CSA is a great way to get farm fresh produce, if you don't have time to care for your own garden. Look for them at local farmers markets, or stop by their roadside stand, open from July through October. 

Additional Info

Name: Little m Farms

Phone: 315-788-2966


Address: 16611 County Route 64 Watertown, NY 13601


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