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Country Belle Farms

Country Belle Farms is a family owned and operated ice cream shop that offers a nice, family atmosphere. Owned by Kurt and Valarie Gehrke, the ice cream shop opened in June of 2005. They offer both hard and soft ice cream and all the fixings to make your favorite sundae or banana split.

Ice cream is made by stirring while freezing a combination of milk, cream and condensed milk. Stirring is essential because it incorporates air, giving the ice cream its whipped texture. Ice cream is rich in both protein and calcium. It takes 12 gallons of milk to produce 1 gallon of ice cream. The United States sells about 1 billions gallons of ice cream each year - that sure is a lot of milk! Nearly 8% of all milk produced in the United States goes into frozen dairy products. 

Besides having ice cream, Country Belle has a variety of animals to see and pet as well as a play ship, castle and sand pile with toys. The ice cream shop is open May 1st to September 30th. The Gehrkes also sell pumpkins, mums, Christmas trees and wreaths. Open from Thanksgiving until Christmas, stop down and pick out your locally grown Christmas tree. So if you're driving by, stop in and say hi! Country Belle Farms likes to think of their customers as family. 

Additional Info

Name: Country Belle Farms

Phone: 315-783-1613


Address: 8376 State Route 289 Belleville, NY 13611


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